Social Impact Assessment : Draft Report


Beneath the Surface of Deprivation: Understanding Extreme Poverty in Rural Kerala


കേരളത്തിലെ ഉന്നതവിദ്യാഭ്യാസ മേഖലയും വിദേശ മലയാളികളും: ചർച്ച


Research Themes

Research Themes

Poverty and Social Exclusion

The Kerala Model of Development which won accolades for high social development with low economic growth, also had its “outliers” or sections…
Research Themes

Health and Demography

Dynamics of Kerala’s demographic transition— high life expectancy, low infant, child and maternal mortality, decreasing share of children and increasing share of…
Research Themes

Governance and Public Service Delivery

A major area of interest of CSES is how services are delivered to the general public by government agencies. From time to…
Research Themes


Education has been a major research theme of CSES ever since its inception. Being located in Kerala, a region which received national…
Research Themes

Labour and Migration

Labour studies is a prominent research theme pursued at the CSES particularly with a focus on labour market transformation in the state…
Research Themes

Public Finance

Right from its inception, public finance was one of the core areas of research activity at the Centre. Issues related to state…
Research Themes


Another major area of research where CSES has done various studies is that of Decentralisation; research done includes studies on service delivery,…
Research Themes

Evaluation and Monitoring

CSES has undertaken several impact assessment/evaluation studies and monitoring of programmes in sectors such as livelihood, service delivery, health care, education, sanitation,…
Research Themes

Technical Support Services

CSES extends scientific and technical support to various government departments and local governments in different areas such as Geographical Information System (GIS)…
Research Themes

Gender Research Unit

In 2018, a dedicated unit to undertake interdisciplinary research on gender issues— GRU has been set up within the CSES. GRU aspires…
Research Themes

Urban Research Unit

Impact and implications of urbanisation has been a cross-cutting theme addressed in several research projects of CSES. CSES has done extensive research…
Research Themes


CSES uses digital mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services in its projects. Such projects include preparation of river bank atlas, digital…


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CSES Internship Programme

To develop research aptitude among young students, CSES welcome them as interns and gives them a first-hand research experience.