In 2018, a dedicated unit to undertake interdisciplinary research on gender issues— GRU has been set up in CSES. GRU aspires to examine how gender shapes people’s lives, experiences, knowledge and possibilities in different social, economic, cultural, political and institutional settings. GRU also aims to strengthen gender research and to promote well-informed, evidence-based policy reforms. GRU plans to build a network among scholars, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other development partners, working on the theme of gender.  GRU plans to utilise the vast experience of the CSES in conducting empirical, evaluation and monitoring research for both national and international stakeholders (including government and NGOs), to conduct well-grounded research and implement innovative social interventions to tackle gender discrimination.

Some of the key activities planned by the Unit include:

  • Undertake research on issues concerning gender.
  • Publish research findings of the GRU in top rated journals, newspapers and popular magazines to disseminate and facilitate well-informed discussions on gender issues.
  • Organise seminars, workshops, and talks for research scholars, grass root level organisations, members of women’s organisations, and the general public to examine and understand how gender operates in everyday lives.
  • Conduct capacity building programmes for research scholars and students to equip them to undertake gender research.