Workshop on Youth Labour Market Outcomes in Kerala: A Gender Perspective

Jointly Organised by

Centre for Socio-economic and Environmental Studies (CSES), Kochi & Department of Youth Welfare, Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT)

Date: March 30, 2022 Venue: Centre for Budget Studies, CUSAT

Despite commendable achievements made by Kerala in human development, the State is often criticised for poor labour market outcomes, often reflected in low workforce participation rates and high unemployment. The situation is bleak for the youth, particularly women. Many young women with high educational attainments are outside the labour market, neither working nor seeking jobs. Results from a recent CSES study have highlighted how social conditioning plays a crucial role in mediating the labour market entry of women. The proposed workshop will bring together academicians, researchers, students, policymakers and practitioners to reflect on the emerging labour market dynamics concerning youth in Kerala from a gender perspective.

The proposed workshop will be conducted in offline mode.

Specifically, the objectives of this seminar are to explore:

  • What are the emerging trends and patterns of the youth labour market in Kerala? Does it differ for men and women? How does social conditioning affect the participation of men and women in the labour market, particularly their entry, mobility or quitting the labour market?
  • To what extent could skill development programmes become a catalyst to improve youth labour market outcomes? What are the hindrances and ways forward?
  • To what extent entrepreneurship programmes are successful in Kerala?
  • What role does Kudumbashree play in facilitating the labour market entry of women?
  • What role does Kudumbashree play in facilitating the labour market entry of women?


The seminar will bring together faculty members in colleges and universities in Kerala who are teaching/researching labour market dynamics to share their knowledge and experience in the topic. Initiatives to improve youth labour market participation like entrepreneurs and skill development programmes, obstacles they face, and the way forward will be discussed. Deliberations will also cover the role of Kudumbashree in facilitating the entry of women into the labour market and some of the good practices to increase the participation of youth.

The seminar will bring together researchers, students, policymakers, and practitioners engaged in labour market research or initiatives to improve labour market outcomes, particularly of the youth. The seminar will provide a platform for speakers and participants to engage in an open discussion in which knowledge, insights, innovative ideas can be shared among researchers and policymakers.

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