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Small farmers to be hit hard by climate change, says expert

This report was published in The Hindu on 20/07/2023

Climate change and its consequences will plunge small and marginal farmers, already bearing the brunt of adverse socio-economic conditions, into more serious trouble.

To overcome the situation, small-time farmers should be provided with sufficient knowledge to equip them to resist the impact of climate change. They should be given more social, economic, and technological support, said Madhura Swaminathan, professor and head, Economic Analysis Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Bengaluru, here on Thursday.

Seeds with higher yield, capable of resisting climate change conditions as well as reorganisation of agricultural cycle will help them, she said delivering a lecture here, jointly organised by the city-based Centre for Socio Economic and Environmental Studies, Economics department of UC College, Aluva, and Women’s Studies Centre, Cochin University of Science and Technology.

She also said it was unjust that poor countries are burdened to atone for carbon emission, vastly accounted for by developed countries. Such arrangements prevent the growth of countries such as India, which have to reduce carbon emissions under international conventions and agreements. These arrangements should not prevent the growth of the small-scale sector or it would be gross injustice.

She called for more studies at the local level to understand and assess the impact of climate change. Studies conducted in Karnataka revealed the need for and possibilities of such studies.