In Limbo: Reflecting Upon COVID-19 Pandemic

Centre for Socio-economic and Environmental Studies (CSES), Kochi, brings out a new publication titled, In Limbo: Reflecting Upon COVID-19 Pandemic. The ebook brings together perspectives and experiences on COVID-19 by people from different walks of life written in an informal and personal manner. These articles are curated from a series “In Limbo” published on the CSES Facebook page from 8 April 2020 to 17 December 2020.  

What makes the book special is the diversity in the profile of the individuals who contributed, including school children to scientists, social researchers, academicians, and policymakers. Located in different parts of the world, authors bring to the table their worldview of how the coronavirus affected their surroundings, people around them and coping mechanisms followed by the State and individuals. For instance, there is an article on the challenges posed by the virus to poor people in Brazil, while there is also an article by a fourth standard student on COVID experience. Some of the other issues covered by the articles include the case of informal workers during the lockdown, mental health challenges, functioning of government machinery to cope with the corona pandemic, to mention a few. The ebook carries 46 articles (25 in English and 21 in Malayalam) arranged as two sections, chronologically as published in the Facebook of the CSES.

The ebook presents an interesting reading on how we reacted to a pandemic both individually and as a society. For the readers, the ebook will serve as a source of a collective memory of the corona crisis we experienced and how we stood the test of time.

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