CSES has been engaged in research in the areas of public finance, decentralisation, governance and service delivery, education, health, demography/migration, industry and natural resource management for more than two decades.  The Centre undertakes sponsored research as well as studies on its own in areas identified as priority concerns, without any external funding support.

Study on Drop out of Students from Arts and Science Colleges in Kerala – A Pilot Study sponsored by KRPLLD.

The study assessed the magnitude of the drop out phenomenon and ascertained its causes.  The pattern of drop outs was examined according to disciplines, level of education (Under graduate/post graduate) caste (SC/ST and others) and gender.   This study was published as a Discussion paper of KRPLLD.

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Study on Motivating Factors of the Educated Self Employed In Kerala – A case study of Mulanthuruthy Block in Ernakulam district

The study was conducted in the context of increasing trend of self-employment seen in the state when the employment prospects of educated persons was diminishing. However, urban-rural differences, and differences arising from socio-economic and educational factors persist. The study was based on field level data collected from 500 self-employed persons in Ernakulam district.

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Study on the Consumption Habits in Thrissur District with a view to Identifying Products Suitable for Micro Enterprises sponsored by KRPLLD.

The study identified products that can be produced by micro-enterprises run by Self Help Groups.

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Study Post Retirement Employment Activities in an Urban Agglomeration: A Study of Ernakulam District sponsored by KRPLLD.

The broad objective of the study was to observe the pattern of employment activities of the retired people and to identify the determinants of such activities.

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Evaluation of the Capability Building of the Research Community under Kerala Research Programme on Local Level Development (KRPLLD).

The study was sponsored by KRPLLD which in turn was sponsored by the Directorate General for International Co-operation (DGIS), Netherlands. The study evaluated the Programme’s capacity building process and its effects on the research community of Kerala.

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Towards a Methodology for Developing an Industrial Plan for a Grama Panchayat -A Case Study of Chottanikkara, a Grama Panchayat in Ernakulam District sponsored by the KRPLLD. The specific objectives of this exploratory study were :

1) to critically examine the present industrial planning process in the local bodies
2) to identify the constraints and problems in the present industrial planning and
3) to suggest a methodology or guidelines for making industrial plans at the local level.

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Concurrent Evaluation of the National Rural Health Mission in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep

This evaluation study was conducted in 2009 for the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. CSES was selected to undertake the study through a competitive national bidding procedure. The study involved survey of households, health institutions and other stakeholders. It also involved in-depth discussions with senior staff of the National Rural Health Mis

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Baseline socio-economic study for climate change adaptation and mitigation in kavaratti island-lakshadweep

The study conducted in 2016 was sponsored by CSIR-National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources

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