CSES has been engaged in research in the areas of public finance, decentralisation, governance and service delivery, education, health, demography/migration, industry and natural resource management for more than two decades.  The Centre undertakes sponsored research as well as studies on its own in areas identified as priority concerns, without any external funding support.

Baseline and Endline Studies of the Kerala Local Government Service Delivery Project

The Kerala Local Government Service Delivery Project (KLGSDP) aimed to strengthen the institutional capacity of the local government system in Kerala to deliver services and undertake basic administrative and governance functions more effectively in a sustainable manner. The Project was implemented in the State with the financial assistance of the World Bank. KLGSDP, Governme

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District Level Household Survey on Reproductive and Child Health Project

CSES was the regional agency for the District Level Household Survey on Reproductive and Child Health Project in Kerala and Lakshadweep. The Survey was sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and had the International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai as the nodal agency.  Three rounds of DLHS was conducted by CSES (The surv

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How the Poor Manage their Finances: A Study of the Portfolio Choices for Poor Households in Ernakulam District, Kerala

The study was done for the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in 2013. This study of the portfolios of the poor is based on the data provided by 107 poor households in three rural localities and urban slums in Kochi city in the district of Ernakulam, Kerala. The study is primarily based on a financial diary kept by the households for one month and gives significant insight into how the poor manage their cash in

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Impact Evaluation of the Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project (Jalanidhi-I)

This project was funded by the World Bank.  The World Bank selected the Joint Venture of CSES and ICSD from among competitive bids submitted by international and national consulting organizations. Under this project, comprehensive social and technical audits were carried out for rural water schemes in Kerala. The audits assessed the performance of rural water supply and sani

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Study on Educational Scenario and Change Initiatives in Kerala

The study done in 2004 was sponsored by CARE India, New Delhi. This study documents the various initiatives undertaken in the area of primary education in Kerala during the last decade. The origin, course taken, institutions and stakeholders involved and the possible long standing effects brought about by these initiatives are discussed. The study was prepared as base paper o

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Study on Emerging Issues in Local Self Governance in Kerala

The study sponsored by SDC-CapDeck was conducted in 2003. The study analysed the processes and trends in local self-government. It also identified and prioritised the most relevant issues to be addressed to promote empowerment of Panchayats. SDC-Capdeck had published the study as a monograph available at Know More

Fiscal Decentralisation in Kerala was sponsored by SDC-CapdecK.

The study was to give support to Kerala Grama Panchayat Association in preparing a memorandum to submit before Third Kerala State Finance Commission.

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Study on the Private Cost of Medical and Para-medical Education in Kerala

The study conducted in 2004 was sponsored by Kerala Research Programme on Local Level Development (KRPLLD), funded by the Netherlands Government through its Directorate General for International Co-operation.  The study attempted to estimate the private costs of medical and para medical education incurred by the students and their families and to examine the socio-economic b

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