Decentralisation and Community Action

Professor I.S. Gulati Memorial Public Lecture 2007

Professor A.Vaidyanathan

Kerala Model Revisited New Problems, Fresh Challenges

CSES W.P.No.15. 2006

P.K. Michael Tharakan.

Twelfth Finance Commission’s Award What It Foretells For Kerala

CSES W.P.No.14. 2006

K.K. George, K.K. Krishnakumar and V.K. Praveen.

Some Challenges of Plan Financing Today

Professor I.S. Gulati Memorial Public Lecture 2006

Professor Abhijit Sen, June 10, 2006. Thiruvananthapuram.

On Some Currently-Fashionable Propositions In Public Finance

CSES W.P.No.13.  2005

Prabhat Patnaik.

Dynamics of Change in Kerala’s Education System The Socio-economic and Political Dimensions

CSES W.P.No.12. 2005

K.K.George and Parvathy Sunaina.

Deepening Decentralised Governance in Rural India Lessons from the People’s Plan Initiative of Kerala

CSES W.P.No.11. 2004

M.A. Oommen.

Private Cost of Medical and Para-medical Education in Kerala- Study Report.

CSES Study Report 2004

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