Technology In History An Overview

CSES W.P. No.27, 2012

Jayaprakash Raghaviah.

Vulnerability Of Migrants And Responsiveness Of The State The Case Of Unskilled Migrant Workers In Kerala, India

CSES W.P.No.26. 2011

Dr. N. Ajith Kumar

Higher Education in Kerala How Inclusive is it to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes

Published as Working Paper at CSSEIP, CUSAT

K. K. George. 2011.

Kerala Economy Growth, Structure, Strength And Weakness

CSES W.P. No. 25. 2011

K.K. George

Population Pressure On Land In Kerala

CSES W.P.No.24. 2011

D. Radha Devi and N. Ajith Kumar

Changing Enrolment Patterns in Arts and Science Colleges in Kerala

Study Report 2010

George Zachariah

Health of Women in Kerala Current Status and Emerging Issues

CSES W.P.No.23. 2010

N. Ajith Kumar D.Radha Devi.

Kerala’s Education System From Inclusion to Exclusion

CSES W.P.No.22. 2009( Also Published in the Journal “Economic and Political Weekly” (Vol. 44, Issue No. 41-42, 10 Oct, 2009)).

N. Ajith Kumar K.K. George.