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CSES envisages to encourage students to develop an aptitude for research by welcoming them as interns and volunteers and giving them a first-hand research experience. Interns should be students pursuing Post Graduate Degrees or Ph.D or should have graduated recently in the fields of social science, social work, sociology, gender studies, political science, development studies and other disciplines. The internship opportunities include carrying out independent research projects, field work, building databases, preparing briefing papers, reports and presentations. Interns can also associate in the online outreach of CSES by creating social media content for the Centre on platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Blogs. Internship is offered for a minimum period of one month. In the past, we have hosted interns and volunteers from Universities located in countries including Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, UK, Bangladesh as well as from different parts of India. Internship positions are generally un-remunerated but in select cases, they may be given a small stipend.
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Job Opportunities
Research associate with at least two years research experience in social research. Should have good writing skills. Should be able to communicate in Malayalam. You can upload your CV here

Investigator for research project for a period of one month. The applicant should have a graduate degree in any discipline. And should be willing to work anywhere in Kerala. You can upload your CV here

Support Us

CSES has always strived to look at development issues with a different and judicious perspective. While many of our research projects are sponsored by external agencies, we also regularly undertake studies on our own on topics that are of relevance to the society. These initiatives of the Centre involve considerable amount of resources, in terms or time, money and hard work. Despite no guaranteed core funding, we endeavour to do it because we believe it is our responsibility to throw light on many developmental issues which till then might not have caught the attention of the government, policy makers, media and other stakeholders, including the general public. We remain committed to challenging complacencies in the development scenario and bring meaningful change to the people. For this, we require your support. You can support us by sponsoring a study, funding our research activities or by volunteering to work along with us in a research project. CSES also welcomes visitors who would like to undertake their own research or writing on relevant development issues.

CSES is also involved in social activities, mainly in education. We have extended support to the academic activities of selected schools, such as in ensuring better learning and reading facilities in schools, organising soft skill development programmes, giving support to master plan preparation, etc. Those interested in such activities can also engage with us by contributing in terms of materials, experience, involvement, etc. Those interested can also bring in proposals and invite the involvement of the Centre in such interventions.

CSES also serves as a resource Centre for students, researchers, teachers, journalists and the general public. You can contribute books to our library or collaborate with us in organising joint programmes (public lectures/seminars/workshops) with colleges/universities in Kerala.
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