Ongoing Studies: Study on the Indebtedness of Rural Households in Kerala ** Study on the initiatives of the Kerala government to protect the rights and welfare of persons with disabilities ** Ongoing Studies: Labour Market Outcomes in Kerala: Insights from a Village Level Study ** Analysis of State Plan on programmes for children ** Ongoing Studies: River Bank Mapping and Sand Auditing of Uppala River ** National Level Monitoring of Rural Development Programmes in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana

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Centre for Socio-economic and Environmental Studies (CSES), established in 1996, is an independent, non-profit organization for promoting policy and action oriented research, consultancy and training programmes. CSES seeks to fill a critical gap between the academic world on the one hand and the policy makers, opinion shapers and the general public on the other. It positions itself as non-partisan think tank and strives to sensitise public opinion and policy makers through working papers, issue briefs, fact sheets, seminars/workshops/conferences and the print and broadcast media. Our strengths include a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and eminent visiting scholars; well trained and experienced field te...

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